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Assalamualaikum !

Hai Friends,

welcome to my happy little house of story, thoughts & dreams on the world wide web! my name is Putri Dwiandari, i'm a Moslem, a happily married, and a mom of two daughhter named Asiya Almira Adiprawira & Aisha Adriana Adiprawira who lives in the capital and the largest city of Indonesia, Jakarta.

I start this blog back in 2009 to share my thoughts and also my traveling experiences, my journey to many places that i've visited, related to my job when i was a host for a traveling programs. that's why my blog name was "travel junkie stories". 

But i decide to recreate my blog in 2013, because i want to write all things that i want to write not only travel stories..but also like my virtual notebook where I can jot down every day moments & tidbits here and there that I don't want forget. About life, family, work, fashion, food , things that i passionate about, and still my traveling stories :)

I hope you find some encouragement and inspiration here. Thanks for keep reading and do not hesitate to leave me any critics and suggestion.

i'am a wanderer...so join me through this blog and let's wander this life together :)


Putri Dwiandari
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